Size : Price US$5 200 baht

Condition : Traditional Thai folding book

History :
    In the past all Thai books were written on 'bai lan' palm leaves and folded like a concertina. This, and the two following books, are made in the same format.

    Thailand Hilltribes has twelve original paintings by Prayom Yoddee showing various tribal activities.



    Nearly one million Lisu live in China, Burma and northe-east India. In Thailand there are 25,000 scattered in small villages throughout the north where they began to arrive early in the twentieth century. Lisu are individualists and the extended family is very important to them. They believe in a Supreme God but the Guardian of the village and the ever-present spirits, both good and bad, are of more importance in their daily lives.

    The Lisu of Thailand have been much influenced by the Yunnanese and many have intermarried with them. Maybe this accounts for their industriousness and zest for life.




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