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    Siranee - A Tale of two Thai Sisters and a Consul.

    This is a tale of two sisters born into a poor farming family in a northern Thai village. The elder sister, Tari, became Miss Thailand and a Miss Universe finalist, the younger, Siranee, ran away from home and ended up singing in a second rate nightclub. David, a don at Oxford, fell in love with Tari and subsequently became the Honorary British Consul at Chiang Mai. This is their story - some of it, certainly David's consular stories, true.


    Tari has done well by her husband. The three years she had invested in him had yielded an excellent return. Not that she would, for one moment, have thought of her marriage in so calculating and cynical a light for she had truly cared for, and respected, her husband. But love? No, and of that she was as good a judge as any.

    Her husband had been, and still was, a highly respected and extremely sucessful banker. Rich Chinese businessmen, even when thirty years older, have much to offer a young girl with no background or education even if she happened to be, as Tari was, Miss Thailand and a Miss Universe finalist. Let me hasten to add that what such men have to offer is not only sordid money, useful though that may prove to be, for many of them are distinguished and courteous gentlemen who well know how to use their experienced, if elderly, charm. So it was that he had swooped her up to the chagrin of more than one highly eligable young suitor who had dallied too long and concentrated, perhaps not enough, on this one single object of desire.

    Chiang Mai Mail 'An interesting book that emanates from Chiang Mai in all respects.'

    Citylife 'The story of a man who discovers himself and Thailand through his interaction and fascination with two very different women.'

    The Bangkok Post
    John Shaw is an Old Thailand hand twice over, dwelling in the Realm for more than four decades. For five of those years, he was the Honorary British Consul at Chiang Mai. Siranee, under review, 232 pages, has two formats. The first is the story of the title filling 3/4 of it, partly fiction and partly fact. One quarter is Consular Cases, all fact. They could as well have been in separate books




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