Size : Price US$5 200 baht

Condition : Traditional Thai folding book.

History :
    Thailand Heritage. See Thailand Hilltribes.

    The 11 original paintings of Thai festivals and ceremonies are by Prayom Yoddee.


    Loy Kratong Festival.

    On the night of the full moon in the twelfth month (November) all Thai people celebrate and give thanks to Mae Khong Kha, the Goddess of Water, for her life giving bounty. Also they ask her forgiveness for having used and polluted her waters during the past year. Kratong were originally little banana leaf boats - nowadays many kratong are made of coloured paper in lotus and other shapes. Into the kratong are put a lighted candle, an incense stick and a small coin - formerly betel nut was also included. As each member of the family lights his candle and launches his kratong he prays that, as it floats away, so too will the water wash away his sins.

    This is a time for rejoicing and feasting as the rains have stopped and all is fresh and clean. Tradition has it that Nang Noppamas, wife of King Ramkamhaeng the Great of Sukothai(1279 - 1298) was the first to make a kratong - whatever its origin, this is the most beautiful of all Thai ceremonies.




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