The Shaws and Ceramics

The Shaws first became interested in ceramics when they lived in Indonesia in the early 1970's. Pat worked as a volunteer in the Jakarta Museum and they started collecting Chinese export wares. When they decided to return to Thailand their interest switched to Sukothai Town and Sisatchanalai/Sawankaloke wares.
In 1976 they went to live in Chiang Mai and started visiting possible kiln sites about which virtually nothing was known. Gradually they began assembling a study collection of kiln wasters and other pieces.
A chance meeting with a representative of Oxford University Press resulted in John being commissioned to write a book on Northern Thai Ceramics, which, in 1982, became the first in depth study of the subject. Ten years later the book, much enlarged as a result of the spectacular Tak Hilltop Burial finds, was reprinted privately.
The heart of the collection is the ceramics that were made in the old northern Thai kingdom of Lanna some five to six hundred years ago, but there are also interesting pieces from other Asian kilns. Also on display are Thai lacquer wares, silver and other curios.
The Shaw Collection is private and personal, but genuinely interested people are always welcome to visit if they give advance notice. The Shaws have lived in Chiang Mai for 25 years where their daughter, whose company designed this site, also lives.
John was educated at Sherborne and Magdalen College, Oxford. He lectured at Chiang Mai University and, on retirement, was awarded the MBE for his services as Honorary British Consul at Chiang Mai. Pat, his Thai wife, has been the inspiration in their lifelong interest in researching Northern Thai Ceramics.



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