Sukothai Town introduction
There is some confusion over nomenclature. High fired glazed ceramics were produced in the old Kingdom of Sukothai at Sisatchanalai, Pitsanaloke and near the city of Sukothai. Here the last are refered to as Sukothai Town wares. Some have called all these wares, and, indeed, other glazed stonewares -Sawankalok.
Sukothai Town wares were probably produced from the early fourteenth century until the middle of the sixteenth century. Initially the kilns must have been set up to produce building material for the new city - tiles, finials, water pipes and guardian figures. As a side line they also produced dishes, paan, bowls etc. the early ones for domestic use, are sometimes called 'royal' wares because of their superb quality.
By the end of the fourteenth century, less fine wares were being made for export - notably the single fish dish.

 Sukothai Town



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