Ayuthya Wares
Singburi Wares

Ayuthya and Singburi introduction
The art of making glazed stoneware seems to have been lost by the end of the sixteenth century. The capital city of Siam, Ayuthya, imported large quantities of ordinary Chinese blue and white wares for domestic use.
Unglazed pots, figurines, etc. were produced locally, although no kilns for these low-fired wares have been reported. All the pieces in the Collection were found at Ayuthya, mostly in the river, and gifted by the Bangkok Museum Volunteers.
Large brick built kilns at Singburi produced high-fired, mostly unglazed, stoneware from the seventeenth century. Amongst other wares, waterpipes for the Palace at Lopburi and large storage jars in which the Dutch East India Company exported various local products.
The industry probably died out as a result of the sack of Ayuthya by the Burmese in 1767, although earthenware continues to be produced throughout Thailand to this day.

 Ayuthya and Singburi



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