Copper green decoration
White Wares

Burmese introduction
Although glazed plaques had been found on pagodas dating from the nineth century, very little was known of Burmese ceramics - Martaban jars were exported from that port but it was not even certain where they were made. The finding of hundreds of green and white wares (lead glazed, coloured white with a tin opacifier, some decorated with striking in-glaze copper green designs), at the Tak Hilltop Burial Sites in 1984 has resulted in a flurry of archaeological work in Myanmar. Kilns have now been researched in several areas of the country. They produced glazed plaques, green and white wares, celadons and large brown glazed jars or Matabans and pipes.
It seems probable that, as in Thailand, the main period of production was from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries. Some kilns may have continued production until today.




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